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Bell Curve


Your farm fails. You're crop-busted. Next gig: Yes, sir. Luggage is in the trunk. La Guardia or JFK?


You struggle year in and year out, but you eke out a living and don't have to work in an office.


You run your own farm and it does ai-ight. You are comfortable and you're your own boss. It puts your kids through school so that they can lead a better life or just run your farm...better.


You manage your own farm and have a new "hot" crop—pluots. (These are hybrid plums/apricots, and sell in the store for 2 bucks each.) You are so successful that a big conglomerate comes to buy you out. Which is just peachy.


You discover oil under your apple field. Boo-yah. This is really going to put the "cash" in "cash crop."