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Average Salary: $70,110

Expected Lifetime Earnings: $2,927,000

The money is actually not terrible when you consider that you never have to buy tomatoes. Or much of anything, really, once you have your mechanics in place. You would be making in the $30-40k range if you just work for someone on their farm. Remember that crop-hand thing. But if you personally own the farm, you can make a LOT more. Hundreds of thousands of bucks in a really good year. Maybe more. That is, if the storm completely wiped out the Chilean competish and there is nowhere else to go for your flavor of crop, maybe the prices DOUBLE and you make a killing.

Remember that the Government usually pays for most of your water costs so all you really bear is the cost of the seeds themselves, the labor to cultivate 'em, fertilizer, and shipping 'em to The Crop Auction Block. So when storms hit the competition, economic life for you can be oh so nice. Unfortunately, you know that what goes around comes around (in KarmaLand anyway) and that it is likely a storm or a bug or a Depression will depress YOUR prices some day. So a good crop farmer keeps a reserve—rainy day money set aside for the very likely eventuality that he gets stormed too. If you figure out a way to make money grow on trees, then you are one hell of a farmer. Rich in food. Poor in Beemers.

The Ultimate Driving Machine.