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Day Care Operator

Odds of Getting In

Here's the good news: Parents are cranking out the kids at an accelerated pace, with the number of preschool-age children on the increase. Many of these kids come equipped with working parents who will need someone to watch Little Johnny or Sassy Susie during the day. Many parents also want their children to learn to coexist with other kids (translated: learn not to push another kid's head into the toilet when they won't give up a favorite toy). Finally, parents want their children to develop intellectually and emotionally, a benefit the experts say results from a structured early childhood or preschool education environment.

Obviously, you've got lots of potential recruits for your day care center. Since the kids can't manage themselves, that also means increased opportunities for the centers' directors.

It depends on how well you position yourself for this potential windfall. If you've got at least an associate's degree, but preferably a bachelor's, you'll have a pretty good background to operate your own day care business. You might find the prospects a little less favorable if your formal education stops with a high school diploma.