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Odds of Hanging On

If you've managed to crack in, then it's probably because you've managed to make at least somewhat of a name for yourself. But that's only just the start of making your ear for music a lifetime career.

Chances are, even at a functional level of professional jockeying your salary's not that great. Making ends meet on $30,000 isn't so bad when you're a young bachelor or bachelorette, but as you get older, expenses tend to pile up.

DJ Literal took our advice and grew his name. Now his name is DJ Literalramallamadingodalla. (Source)

If you want to stay ahead, you're going to need to take that name (you know, the one we mentioned earlier?) and grow it. You're going to live and die by who knows your handle, and the reputation that follows its mention. Are you the "mad genius who's worth every cent" or "the guy who played Baby Got Back, like, seven times in five hours"? The answer to that question could spell the difference between hobby and career.