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Delta Force

Physical Danger

Really? Do you even have to ask?

Okay. Let's not even mention getting shot in the face. Let's talk instead about some of the less obvious.

• LANDMINES: Or any explosive trap, really. You could be trucking along thinking about how you should update your Facebook status and—BOOM!—one wrong step leaves you as a blot of ketchup on the wall. De-feeted. Or worse.

• DISEASES: You will be traveling to third world countries. While there, you will wade through filth, drink foul water riddled with fecal matter, and eat things that would make Johnny Knoxville puke. You'll be lucky if you only catch one disease per deployment.

• ACCIDENTS: These do happen. Operation Eagle Claw, which was supposed to see the Unit rescue American hostages in Tehran, was cancelled because of a series of helicopter accidents. No one was killed there but anyone who's seen a Die Hard movie knows how dangerous a helicopter crash could be.

• FRIENDLY FIRE: While Operators are some of the best marksmen in the world, accidents can (and do) happen. All it takes is one stray bullet from the thousands your team is pumping into the enemy and, before you know it, you're Professor X—minus the psychic powers and cool British accent.