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While you're not a typical soldier, you still work for the U.S. Government. You may be able to shoot a round through a foreign dictator's eye at 700 yards without hitting an eyelash, but you're still not allowed to tell people about it. Or to complain about the President or Congress. Or to get a tattoo (which would be an identifying mark an enemy could use to...well, identify you). Or....

Well, the list goes on and on. While you do have the freedom to avoid having your hair cut like an extra from Transformers, you don’t have the freedom to keep appointments. At any point, day or night, you may be required to leave the country. With no notice. And no idea of where you're going or when you'll be back. You may not even have a chance to DVR Mythbusters before you leave.

But, on the flip side, you do have the ability to cause massive explosions and intercept dirty cell phone pictures. There are definitely worse jobs as far as power goes.

Also, as a military job, you immediately have power over men of lesser rank. And, in the case of Delta Force, there's a certain unspoken power that Operators have over members of other branches of the military. Just try not to abuse it too much, okay, Sparky?