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You can become famous, but probably only if you participate in a shootout at the O.K. Corral. Doc Holliday is probably one of the most famous dentists in history, but not for putting braces on cowboys. Holliday earned his dental degree and set up shop in Atlanta, Georgia. When he was diagnosed with tuberculosis, he decided to move out to the southwest in the hope that the warm weather would improve his health. While traveling, he met up with Wyatt Earp and moved to Tombstone, Arizona. The rest is gunslinger history.

Okay, you may not want to become a deadly gunman. But you could get famous clients and be on reality television.

Dr. Sands "Celebrity Dentist" appeared on such shows as Dr. 90210 and TLC. His client lists includes Charlie Sheen (must have been interesting on laughing gas), Robert Downey Jr., Shawn White, Britney Spears, Emma Stone, and Carman Electra. If you go on his website, you'll notice most of the women aren't wearing makeup and look slightly confused.