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Beverly Hills Times named Dr. Arnold Klein as the most famous and innovative dermatologist in the world. Pretty bold statement. According to the magazine, celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson called him doctor and "friend." At least they didn't also call him "therapist." Wouldn't have been much of an endorsement.

Most of Dr. Klein's "patient A-list" are people looking to get elective or cosmetic procedures. If you want fame, you'll have to jump on the Botox-giving-bandwagon.

There is another way to claim fame: Become an expert nipple remover. No joke. (Even though it really feels like one.) Dermatologist Dr. Katherine Rothman was pushed into the limelight after claiming to remove two extra nipples from Zac Efron. Other celebrities with extra nipples include Lily Allen, Harry Styles, Mark Wahlberg, Carrie Underwood, and Jo Whiley. Extra nipples occur all the time. Called supernumerary nipples, 1 in 18 men have one and 1 in 50 women have one. Often, they are found near the chest or armpit area. However, there have been some cases where they have been found on the groin or foot of a person. Do not worry if you have one. They do not turn into breasts during puberty. You will not be arrested for indecent exposure on the beach. You won't one day have to nurse your child via your elbow.