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You control the fountain of youth. To a certain extent. Liver spot laser treatments and chemical peels can take off years…to the untrained eye. With just one facial peel, a person can enjoy younger, smoother looking skin. Do we sound like a moisturizer commercial yet? The peel works by removing the top layer of old skin. A laser peel is going to cost you the big bucks. As an invasive procedure, laser peels cause the skin to ooze off the face (yes, people pay for this) and promotes new skin growth. Famously, the Joker got a skin peel, although it wasn't exactly voluntary. He sure looked good after it was done though, didn't he?

The market is flooded with different kinds of injections that promise smoother skin. It's kind of like a candy store for those who want to take ten years off their face. Or who are tired of all the "snickers."

Popular "injectables" include Botox, Artefill, Fascian, Collagen, and Captique, to name a few. They're all made out of different products, such as bovine-derived collagen, but they all do one thing in common, which is give you younger-looking skin. Never mind that your cheeks are now filled with various bits of farm animal.