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You'll definitely become famous among your clients for restricting their diets or helping them lose weight, and some of them may be famous. Not all dietitians work in hospitals or medical clinics. Some of them work in the sports world, like athletic departments in colleges, soccer teams, football teams, and basketball teams. Those who work with athletes generally focus on treating athletes in college by earning their Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine and Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise. Some go on to earn Master's degrees in Nutritional Sciences with an emphasis in sports nutrition, or a Master’s degree in Kinesiology.

You can also become a celebrity. Lisa De Fazio transformed her career when she became an infomercial spokesperson, a host for television shows, and produced lifestyle videos for Perez Hilton. When television shows look for a glamorous dietitian, they call on her. How did she achieve her fame? She branded herself as a fashionable and personable dietitian who knows her way around a kitchen. If you work with famous patients, host your own show, write a book or two, and market yourself, you too can be a famous dietitian.