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Bell Curve


Pet salon bather. Salary: $9/hr 

You land an entry-level job that tests your abilities to deal with strange pets in need of, but not necessarily wanting, a bath. But, you're getting paid while paying your dues.


Pet groomer apprentice. Salary: $10/hr 

After a few weeks on the job, you're accepted to the salon training program. Earning and learning? You'll work your way to the top in no time. You'll be free of cat-scratches in no time.


Pet groomer, entry level. Salary: $10.50/hr plus commission 

You're trained to handle everything from a catty kitty to a great dane with ease. If only pet parents responded to treats as well as their pets do. You wish you were paid a little more but that's the way it goes in this industry.


Pet groomer, experienced. Salary: $14.42/hr plus commission 

Want to feel like a celebrity? Go to the dog park. By now you know almost every pet in town. When it comes to pet groomers, you're top dog.


Pet grooming business owner. Salary: $50,000 or more 

Every dog has his day, but the same can't be said for every pet groomer. Luckily, you're special. You've made it up the ladder and now you run your own pet spa. You treat everyone's pets to the best care money can buy and train new groomers to work for you. It's nice being in charge.