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Dog Groomer

Bell Curve


You're working in a hole-in-the-wall grooming shop you wouldn't recommend to anyone. Unfortunately, no one else would hire you without any experience. Bathing dogs is not your cup of tea; but hey, it helps pay the rent. Good thing you've got a second job.


You've moved on to a small kennel with a postage-stamp grooming cubicle, but at least it's clean. You're still spending most of your time bathing filthy beasts, but the groomer has kindly shown you a few simple grooming tricks. Now you can actually do your own baths and brushouts.


You managed to save enough money for grooming school, and your training has made all the difference. You're building a nice client base at one of your town's larger salons, which means you can pay your rent without the greasy spoon gig.


One of your well-heeled show dog clients has hired you as her dog's personal groomer. You get to travel around the country with the ill-tempered beast, but the pay and perks make up for the reconstructive surgery on your hand.


You've got enough dough in the bank to ditch your grooming gig, at least for now. You're giving free grooms to a local animal rescue group's adoptable pooches. Every time one of these guys gets his forever home, you just can't wipe the smile off your face.