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Dog Groomer


You wouldn't think fame and dog groomers would make a good match. After all, you're not a rocket scientist or a cancer researcher. You're hacking away on dogs all day, and sending them out the door looking better than when they arrived. Why should that make you famous?

We can think of two ways to get your time in the spotlight. Let's say you're a grooming school graduate, and you've spent considerable time honing your techniques over the past few years. You just might be persuaded to enter a national grooming competition, where top groomers from around the country compete for bragging rights and possibly prizes. You might have to supply your own dog, and spend several months getting his coat prepped before you take him to the competition. If you win, though, you'll get lots of peer recognition and perhaps be asked to exhibit your work at an upcoming grooming convention.

If you enjoy being on the national stage, we're happy to report there's another way to get there. Let's say you've mastered show grooming techniques on a specific dog breed. One of your show grooming clients is headed to the Westminster Kennel Club Show in New York this year, and she'd like you there along with the rest of the pampered pooch's team (yes, the dog has a team). You'll be keeping the spoiled canine brushed, trimmed and generally spiffed up until the moment he hits the show ring. If he happens to win the "Best in Show" trophy, or even his breed group, you might get some interest in your grooming services. Keep some business cards handy, but remember the adoring fans are a lot more interested in the dog.