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Imagine a woman brings in a ragtag mess of fur that you could very loosely call a dog. The owner just rescued the pooch from deplorable conditions, and she'll foster the dog until she can find a home for him. You have no hope of a proper groom for this dog; your only choice is to shave him down to get rid of all the mats and make him more comfortable.

After you shave, bathe, and trim up the dog, and tie a colorful bandana around his neck, you're amazed at how handsome he is. He's probably a cross between a lab and something else you can't figure out, but that's not important. 

You're gonna be so pretty. Just wait and see. (Source)

Here's what is important: You've managed to make this dog look terrific, and you could swear he even carries himself differently, perhaps with a bit of a swagger. His new foster parent is beyond thrilled at the results, and she gives you a big hug before she and her foster pooch depart. Now that makes up for all the finger biters and table sitters you'll see the rest of the week.