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Average Salary: $19,910

Expected Lifetime Earnings: $831,203

The average earnings for a pet groomer is about $20,000 per year (source). But, that doesn't present an altogether definite picture of your earning potential. What you can earn as a pet groomer will vary widely from one situation to another. If you work a typical forty-hour week at a pet store chain, then the $20,000 per year wage is accurate.

Let's say your work situation is different. What if you work in an area where large pet shows are popular? Show dog owners spend a lot to make sure their prized pooch is perfect in every way (source). So, while $10 an hour is standard for walk-in pet grooming, higher-end pet salon and spa groomers can earn much more.

Yeah…this one might cost a little extra. (Source)

How much more? The American Kennel Club lists labrador retrievers as the most popular breed of dog in the U.S. The base price to keep Spot spotless is $49 for a bath and grooming (source). Bring in a muddy or otherwise extra dirty dog and the price goes up.

Pet spa owners may work more than a standard forty-hour week, but usually the groomer's love of animals keeps the hours manageable. After a few years of experience, pet salon owners may want their businesses to become teaching sites, thus providing another way to make more money.

If you're like most animal lovers, extra money just means extra toys and treats for your pets. That's okay, especially if you're a pet salon owner. You can give yourself an employee discount.