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Don't expect to see your name in lights or on the cover of US Weekly if you opt for this career. Ecologists are the foot soldiers in the environmental army, the stagehands working behind the scenes. 

While ecologists play a critical role in understanding and combating some of the globe's biggest and most famous problems—such as climate change, species extinction, and dwindling natural resources—they're often innocuously referred to as mere "scientists" or "researchers" when the press writes a story about them.

Though he does have an expressive lil' face. (Source)

Don't expect a lot of recognition from those you help, either. You may play an integral role in restoring the population of wildlife after a forest fire, but Mr. Raccoon isn't about to come up and thank you for it any time soon. He can't talk, you know—don't believe everything you see on the Disney Channel.