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You have the power to crush the spirits of writers. Copy editors are often hated for their prowess of language and grammar. (Writers think about what their character is going to do in a story and an editor changes the verb tense.) Also, copy editors have the power to lop off entire sections of copy that were dearly loved by the writer. Editors will take out family pets in stories and suggest that the story takes place in Florida and not New York. (Not too far of a stretch.) They will also rewrite pieces in a tone and voice that matches their own style. Writers love this. Try to keep the sarcasm from staining your computer screen.

Really good copy editors perform their duties while maintaining a respectful and amiable relationship with writers. It's like people who go on a diet with you to keep you company. Editors jump into the trenches with you to help get your story out. Because copy editors have the last say when it comes to content, they want to be able keep in line with the publication’s guidelines and mold the piece without alienating the writer. Famous writers, such as what’s her name who wrote the Harry Potter books, demand their own editors. Cha-Ching!

But all of these perks aside, be sure you absolutely love this job because editors don't generally carry a lot of power in the real world and often get treated… poorly. When's the last time you heard an urgent cry in a theater or on an airplane, "Is there a copy editor in the house!?"