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Bell Curve


You ignored local codes when wiring a power system in a Chicago industrial building and now the whole structure has caught on fire. Although people in this town have fallen for it before, you don’t know how many are going to buy your story when you try blaming it on the cow.


You’re working for an electrician’s company and have the graveyard shift. It is appropriately named, as most of the time you feel half-dead.


You applied for a business license and are ready to be your own boss. Treat yourself nicely and don’t say anything hurtful. In fact, knowing you, you might want to undergo a bit of sensitivity training first.


Business is going great. To keep up with demand, you are hiring journeymen to help you with projects. You are relieved to learn that they don’t take as many vacations as their name suggests.


You have reached the position of electrical inspector and are keeping your city’s buildings safe. On the downside, everyone down at the fire department is bored out of their mind.