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Okay, so you turn out to be a tough boss: Deadlines are more like stays of execution, phones either ring non-stop or not at all and it's your fault, computer breakdowns, eating junk food, 5 Hour Energy Drinks, no exercise, no time for friends or family, no weekends, you have to be your own receptionist and your own assistant. You've got a presentation to some angels tomorrow afternoon and you just found out you lost your biggest investor. Your new patent will cost $500,000 and you have just enough money to pay for that, but not the rent.

Maybe you'd be the kind of boss who is totally chill. This boss, Melanie Mellowton, doesn't use a time clock, doesn't care if you need the day to get that mani/pedi or recharge with some quality World of Warcraft time, and loves to hand out bonuses just because everyone (you) is above average (also you). Warning: If you are planning to be this kind of boss, it would be a good idea to learn to smile when you say, "Do you want fries with that?"