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Bell Curve


You love the environment but as a practical scientist you're a bit lacking. Never mind solving the world's problems, you still haven't figured out how to take a shower that lasts less than an hour. Shut the door!


You have your own environmental science business. It's a tough way to make a buck, but somehow you are staying afloat. You probably should not have spent so much money on all that logo merch though.


You work for an agency that strives to eliminate health hazards from public parks and swimming pools. You tell people you're in the Parks and Cardiopulminary Resuscitation Department.


You work for a large national company that is making major breakthroughs in environmental technology every day. They didn't love your idea for the "Litterer-Thrasher" though.


You have achieved the top supervisory and administrative role at the same national company. They now have to start production on the Litterer-Thrasher.