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Bell Curve


You are extremely qualified and had every intention of becoming a Special Agent, but the FBI became worried when they noticed how much you were researching them online, so they flagged you on one of their watch lists.


You made it through the application process, the background check, and the Academy, and now you’re off to your first assignment: the field office in Anchorage, AK. Who knows, maybe you’ll luck out and come across an Inuit bank robber or a grizzly bear postal bomber.


You’ve worked hard and sent dozens of criminals to jail. You spend a few too many hours in the office each week, but the amount of paperwork you fill out could never overpower the sense of purpose and rightness you feel when you wake up in the morning. You are truly making a difference in the world.


You are an Assistant Director, heading up the Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch. The Special Agents you’re in charge of catch criminals and prevent federal crimes on a daily basis. You don’t get to see your family very much, but if they can’t understand that you’re saving the world every day, forget them.


Early in your career you were responsible for catching a deadly serial killer and preventing a major terrorist attack, but you never once asked for special recognition. Now that you’re the Director of the FBI, you make sure that your Agents and fellow federal employees are as loyal and steadfast as you, and you’ve got secret files on them all to make sure of it.