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Typical Day

FBI Special Agent Rhonda "Ronnie" Idaho was up late last night conducting routine surveillance (for a classified political corruption case of the utmost national security priority), so she gets to sleep in today—all the way until 5:30AM. After she's showered and gotten dressed—dark suit, dark tie, dark sunglasses, light perfume—she heads out the front door to begin her morning warm-up.

She's a pro, but they won't be putting her on a Wheaties box any time soon. (Source)

Some people practice yoga, others practice their skills on the court. Agent Idaho goes to the firing range and practices her aim. It's her favorite way to start the day.

Around 7:00AM, Agent Idaho heads to the local field office—one of fifty-six in the country—to meet with her squad for the daily update on the current cases. After going over new evidence that an agent at a local resident agency office uncovered on one of the longer-running cases (finally), Idaho meets with her Assistant Director for a briefing.

By 11:30AM, the AD is done with his Agent, and Idaho heads off with an armful of files. Agents and criminals may do a lot of their battles in cyberspace, but most of the paperwork is still done on paper.

I'll take fifteen steaks, thanks. (Source)

Hungry from her morning of meetings and handguns, Special Agent Idaho heads to lunch around 12:30PM. Since she's meeting with a source close to the allegedly corrupt politician, she's technically still on the clock. On the bright side, that means this lunch will be covered by the Bureau—hooray for small victories.

Unfortunately, the informant does not offer any new information, other than that he really likes bacon on everything he orders. Figuring the guy must be holding something back, Ronnie tails him after the lunch. 

After watching the supposed informant head straight back to the politician's office, Agent Idaho soon discovers that the informant may also be deeply involved in the corruption scandal. This could actually lead to a much-needed break in the case—which is the whole reason she has an informant in the first place.

Agent Idaho makes a phone call at 2:00PM and enlists the aid of Special Agent Harold D. Hacker from the Cyber Division. She asks Special Agent Hacker to peruse the informant's credit card and banking history and look for any possible connections to the corrupt politician. Special Agent Hacker discovers a money trail that leads to a known Mafioso. That kind of connection is all Idaho needs.

After receiving the go-ahead on the search warrant and waiting for back-up to arrive, at 3:15PM Agent Idaho searches the informant's home. She discovers files that solidify the connection between the corrupt politician and some drug lords in Colombia, dissidents in Cuba, and a heretofore elusive human trafficking ring in Cambodia. This guy has been busy.

Idaho smiles for the first time all day, knowing that she now has the politician exactly where she wants him. It's a very small smile and she doesn't let her fellow agents see, but it's a smile nonetheless.

At 6:15PM, Idaho's corrupt politician returns home to find all the resources of the FBI waiting for him. Idaho proudly makes the arrest, glad that none of the major news outlets caught wind of the investigation before she was able to make the bust. This federal law enforcer isn't in this for fame or glory; she just wants to catch the bad guys.

With the corrupt politician in custody, Agent Idaho heads back to her field office to update her files, fill out paperwork on the case, and maybe have a microwave dinner. She finally makes it back home around 10:30PM and gets into bed. Given how this day unfolded, she might actually allow herself to sleep all the way until 6:00AM.

How decadent.