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Bell Curve


You're the one who gathers and collates the documents manufacturers send off to the FDA as part of the approval process for a product. Eventually, you'll get to read them.


You've moved off the reviewing team and onto the inspection crew. The rendering plant was in compliance, but gosh it sure smelled bad. And you can't get the stench out of your clothes.


After inspecting meat-packing plants, soap factories and poultry processors, you've put yourself back on the reviewing team. At least paper doesn't smell bad.


 Finally, you've been promoted to the chief of the reviewer team. You've said no often to several Big Pharma companies. Now, if those hang-up phone calls would just stop happening, you'd sleep a lot better.


You've ascended to FDA firmament -- you're making policy, designing research protocols, telling your underling what to do and how to do it, for things even as small, but essential, as collating documents.