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The stress level for producers can be really high. Like Britney Spears when she shaved her head high. Imagine trying to convince people to give you millions of dollars for a comedy about a guy and his monkey that may not earn anyone a single dollar of profit (and may actually lose them money). Imagine that, somehow, you actually did convince people that this project is a worthwhile investment. Now you have to watch every dollar like a hawk, making sure that everyone from the director to the woman who makes coffee only spends the money allotted to them in the budget that you spent weeks preparing.

Once that's taken care of, if your imagination is still fired up, you have to manage the egos of the actors. Oh, and don’t forget about that fire that just broke out on set and burned down the mock-up of the Roman Coliseum that the climactic chase scene was filming in. And who's on the phone? Oh, it's the investors, who have gotten wind of the fire and now want to pull out of the project. Rome is burning….

There are more stressful jobs, sure, but most of those involve blood and bullets.