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Bell Curve


You're on your first flight and your plane is going down. Slipping the pilot a roofie so you could make out with his unconscious face during the flight probably wasn't the wisest decision.


You work for a rinky-dink airline that can't even afford to pay you what the larger airlines pay their attendants, which is already a pittance. It also doesn't travel very far from your hometown of Topeka, so your idea of seeing the world is making a stop in Omaha.


You're in your third year of working for United. You're slowly but surely creeping your way up the pay scale, and you are no longer having recurring nightmares about crashing, which were mostly brought about by your continual sense of disorientation. You even got to see your kids three times last month.


You are a Chief Purser for Virgin, and you've even spoken to Richard Branson in person on a number of occasions. You make $70k, which is the Flight Attendant version of winning the lottery.


While cleaning up after some passengers following one of your flights, you come across an actual lottery ticket that one of them left behind. Turns out it’s the big winner, and you're set for life! Or are you just dreaming this whole scenario from some random hotel in Cincinnati? Hard to tell….