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Forensic Scientist

Physical Danger

As you might imagine, investigating whodunit in a triple homicide probably isn't going to be the safest of careers. Granted, most forensic scientists don't get to the crime scene and spend their days in the comfort of the dark and sometimes depressing laboratory, far from convicted criminals who nurse revenge fantasies involving dastardly forensic scientists who validated the incriminating evidence that got them 25-to-life. Those scientists who testify in court aren't so lucky, and may not make lifelong friends with the loved ones who they're trying to convict of a crime.

Forensic science, however, is not for the squeamish or the thin of skin or the light of heart. It is not an area for the faint or light-hearted. Your livelihood depends on things like murder and mayhem. Crime scenes can be grueling in a sticky, icky, smelly way. Convoluted crimes of passion, and coping with the crime scenes or scenarios can get to be pretty grueling. It takes experience and a tough personality to distance your work-life from your home-life in a way where the depressing realities of your day job don't affect your relationships. Heading to the office every day to consider some of life's bleaker moments can, and probably will, take its toll on the scientist's emotions.