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Odds of Hanging On

The odds of hanging on are awesome. Lucky for geologists and unfortunate for mankind, it doesn't look like we can slow down our polluting ways fast enough to see an impactful difference to the environment. Not everyone is depressed about the melting icecaps. Greenlanders are not shedding too many tears over the new land that has been exposed from the melting caps. The economic surge in agriculture, the cattle industry, and oil mining has helped this island (it's too small to be a continent) of 56,000 inhabitants gain political freedom from Denmark. Geologists are flocking to Greenland to help them uncover oil deposits. A few geologists have been so bold as to claim that there may be as much oil under Greenland as the Saudi-Arabia oil reserves. Other scientists note that Greenland has been this warm before, which obviously didn't stop it from going into an ice age.