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Bell Curve


You're the hair and makeup designer for a small, community theater production of Brigadoon. You're also costumer, director, lighting director, lead actor, and manager of merchandising. Your real job is just cutting hair at the local beauty salon.


You are on the hair and makeup team for an independent film in L.A. Right now you're just running furiously around the set, following whatever orders you get from the head hair/makeup lady, but you have designs on running the show someday. We've got a real All About Eve situation on our hands here.


You are the head hair/makeup lady on that independent film. Your career is really getting somewhere. You just wish that one assistant of yours didn't keep giving you the fish-eye.


You are now doing hair and makeup for major studio pictures. You love the variety of work, and the pay is great, but mostly you just like to be able to brush up against Hugh Jackman on your way to the restrooms.


You are the top hair and makeup designer in Hollywood. You have nearly a dozen Oscars to prove it. Sometimes, you set them up and knock them down like bowling pins. Just because you can.