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Average Salary: $47,500

Expected Lifetime Earnings: $1,983,000

Many flavors of headhunter paint the waters of JobTown.

You've got your blue collar hires—the pay is really hourly, or a base salary plus a small bonus. Not surprisingly, you can make a heftier income if you hire out talent for white collar jobs. Top of the line in that department is filling spots at the board level—here, it's all about personal background checks and doing a TON of due diligence, because only a few candidates at any given time are really qualified for the gig.

Like a career in real estate, it can take just a few big-time placements throughout the year to pay all your bills. Of course, you'll want to place MORE than just a few, because it would be nice if you could take a Caribbean cruise or two in addition to merely keeping the bill collectors away.

The range is huge depending on whether or not you work independently, what employment levels you're placing, and what kind of a roll you're on, but you can expect to make anywhere in the $80k-$150k range on average. Not bad, considering you don't need to go to school for a hundred years before you can start practicing your craft.