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What do you mean you've never heard of me? (Source)

Inside your hotel you're famous among every single person who works there. When you walk into a room, heads turn—but only the heads of the bellhop, the front desk clerk, and the maid vacuuming the entranceway. Among your hotel guests, not so much. In the office: famous. In the lobby: not-famous. See how that works?

If you maintain excellent client relations, certain people will seek you out by name each time they check into your hotel, which is a sort of fame. Really it means you're providing wonderful customer service, so that's something.

Hotel managers who run high-end five-star hotels in top destinations will also meet VIPs like musicians, politicians, and movie stars who need a place to crash for the night. That's not going to make you famous, but should you end up having to assist them personally, you'll at least get to have that picture to hang on your wall to show people.