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People check in; they eat, swim, and sleep; they check out in the next day, or three. When that all goes off without a hitch, you're feeling pretty great about life and your job. If you can do that for thousands of guests, week in and week out, you might feel so glorious you start doing backflips into the pool.

Hey, you might.

Or an axe that slices down at random intervals like a booby trap. (Source)

There's also some glory in the sense that you'll be responsible for creating an atmosphere that people will remember. The trick is to get them to remember your hotel for its service and comfort, and not for scary stains on the walls or the unsettling shrieks that echo through the hallways at night.

As your responsibilities with the hotel grow, you'll be making more and more important decisions about décor, service, and client relations. If you thrive on responsibility, there's certainly some glory in knowing the buck stops with you as manager of the whole operation.