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Average Salary: $51,827

Expected Lifetime Earnings: $2,163,674

Hotel managers' pay can vary as widely as the quality of each hotel. The average salary for running an average hotel for an average clientele is right around $50,000, which will certainly pay the bills (source). 

Keep in mind that this means managers with little to no experience running the smaller, less family-friendly hotels may earn a starting salary closer to $28,000. Every hotel needs a manager, but that doesn't mean you're going to want to manage any and every hotel.

The person who runs this place has a really good education. (Source)

If you want to increase your income (and Michelin rating), you're going to need an education. The better your education—and the more you prove yourself by developing strong relationships with fancy people—the bigger and nicer the hotel you'll get to run, generally speaking.

Managing a large luxury hotel with hundreds of high-priced rooms can earn you upwards of a hundred grand per year. If you do really well, you may move up the ranks and actually manage multiple hotels for the same company. These kings and queens of the hotel industry earn salaries that rival those of some of their more loaded guests.

That means you get a lot of money and a reason to overdevelop your sense of self-confidence. We call that a win-win.