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"This court finds you guilty of a whole host of wrong-doings, a smattering of bad stuff, and a heaping pile of no-no's." (Source)

You don't want fame. Not People magazine fame, anyway. The CEO of Goldman Sachs got that kind of fame...for nearly becoming indicted by Congress for a whole host of wrong-doings. Nothing was ever proven, but we bet he'd take back that kind of fame in a heartbeat if he could.

You do, however, want to be famous among the seventy-five or so CEOs and CFOs whom you serve. You want to be famously known as The Man or The Woman who just "owns" his or her space. The go-to person for advice, a calm in a storm, a set of logical answers in a crisis. In return for being sought after, you get all kinds of perks, including bigger bonuses (or boni) inside of your bank.