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Odds of Getting In

The odds of getting in are great! Enrollment to journalism schools is on the rise and they are happy to see the influx of students. Getting an internship or entry-level position at a local newspaper is not as difficult as running with the big dogs over at the Chicago Tribune.

How do you get a job? It's all about networking and writing about new stories that will attract an audience. Do you love chess and want to write about it for the New York Times? Too bad. You need to show newspapers, broadcast stations and radio stations, and other news organizations that you can write stories that will target their audience. Editors do not hang out on the side of the street, so you have to go to them. To get your foot in the door, it is important to contact the news organization directly with an informal letter. Do not try to add them as a friend on Facebook to show off the party you threw that weekend. They don't have time for that. What they do have time for is an informal letter that states your experience along with a link to some writing samples or clippings. Give them at least five to six clippings of your work to showcase your skills. If you've won any journalism awards, flaunt them in the letter. The letter should demonstrate your professionalism, creativity, flexibility, and skills.