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Odds of Hanging On

Hold your breath. Even if you land a kick butt job at the New Yorker, hold your breath. Too many news organizations are going under to relax. Blogging is storming the nation. It is not beneath you. Many famous journalists such as Jeff Jarvis, JD Lasica, Jay Rosen, Rob Curley, Steve Yelvington, and Dan Gillmor have blogs. Creating a blog will allow you to brand yourself in a way that few journalism jobs will ever let you. If you have a large following, you will oftentimes be the last to cut from a newsroom.

How do you make money from a blog? It’s all about the advertising. Companies understand that people don't go through their Sunday paper to circle deals. To get in front of consumers, they pay advertisers in a variety of different ways to have a chance to attract a consumer.

For example, say you have a lawn mower advertisement on your gardening blog. A consumer may click the ad and wind up on the company's website. Say they buy a lawn mower. Referred to as an affiliate sale, you would get a percentage of the sale. Another way to make money is to sell ad space on your blog to an advertiser. In order for them to find your blog valuable, you must have a large following/high traffic. Before you get dollar signs in your eyes, there are very few blogs that get even a hundred visitors a month. Why? There are over 77.7 million blogs in the United States. If you have already made a name for yourself as a journalist, your chances of creating a blog that gets high traffic is better.