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Bell Curve


You’re a mediator at a small mediation firm in Augusta. You’re also a medium. Your spirit guide has informed you that you’re about to be fired. Crap.


You are a hearing officer (administrative law judge) for the Michigan Workforce Commission. You make a good living, but you’re so busy it feels like you never get a chance to breathe. Does anyone work in this God-forsaken state?


You’re a trial judge specializing in civil cases. You make great money, but your marriage is struggling. You’ve heard so many divorce cases that it’s starting to sound like a good idea.


You are a criminal trial judge for the state of New York, and you’ve been assigned to a few major trials that have gained a bit of notoriety. Time magazine called you “Superjudge.” It was a pretty weak “Superfudge” reference, but you still appreciated it.


You are a Supreme Court Judge. Even the actual Supremes aren’t as famous as you. You also earn a great salary, and that’s not including endorsements. You’re offered honorary degrees from Harvard, but you already went there.