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Bell Curve


Your landscapes look more like something out of the Revelations than Genesis. Obviously, the end is near. You get a reputation for being a short-cutter and become the laughing stock of the local beauty salon. Your business is toast.


You can survive with what you get for simple and sterile landscapes for strip malls and model tract homes. The mediocre Landscape Design studio you work for gets a steady stream of these jobs, but nothing really interesting.


The studio you work for designs custom landscapes for those big homes in the hills. The clients are involved with the design process and can be finicky, but appreciate your expertise. You just hope one of their homes doesn't go sliding downward during a mudslide and ruin all your hard work.


You established your own Landscape Design firm. The simple and sterile landscapes provide reliable revenue, but the occasional custom designs really keep the work rewarding.


The Osbournes love your work and what you did for their home while they filmed their reality show there. They refer you to their friends all over town, all over the state…and beyond. You just got off the telephone with the Queen who wants an Amazonian jungle at Buckingham Palace. Cheers.