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Bell Curve


Part-Time Library Page. Salary: $20,000

You're but a lowly part-time page at a public library. You basically spend all day putting returned books away. When you run out of those, you walk up and down the aisles hoping something's out of place for you to fix. When you get out of school, though, you'll be running this place...or that's what you tell yourself, at least.


Elementary School Librarian. Salary: $36,000

You got your degree in teaching and have been leading a storytelling group for adorable youngsters for the last three years at the elementary school library. You've even gotten an award from the local school board for your stellar work. But that was before that same school board eliminated a budget item—and your job. Back to the job hunt.


Public Library Director. Salary: $54,000

You're the director of a local public library. It sounds a little more impressive than it is (you're running a pretty tiny branch just outside of the city with a fairly small staff), but you love your job. You're in charge of the way your whole library runs and you have so many ideas to get people excited about books and learning.


Chief Medical Center Librarian. Salary: $75,000

You're chief librarian at the biggest private medical center in the state. Your research helped the surgical team achieve a medical breakthrough. The doctors go on to more fame and glory and money. You? You may make one-tenth of what they make, but you're pretty happy...when they aren't calling you in the middle of the night with another research request.


Librarian of Congress. Salary: $181,000

You've worked your way up to the top of your profession. Library of Congress. Hot dog. You're the top dog. You were appointed by the President himself. You've cleaned house. Beefed up the collection. You're the librarian of The United States of America. You couldn't climb any higher if you tried, which is just fine with you, because this is a dream librarian-job.