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Didn't somebody sing something about "Knowledge is Power!?"

Power? What's more powerful than knowing you know more than most other people about a heck of a lot of things? Not that librarians will be pointing a finger at some poor slob, saying: "Nyah, nyah, nyah. I know more than you do." Naw, that would be wrong. But that's what they might be thinking.

To have the ability and the urge to get information and accurate information has all the earmarks of power. Because of a librarian’s help, a reporter could have at her fingertips the statistics that back up her story on the scourge of beri-beri in Ontario. Because of an intrepid law librarian, a trial attorney comes up with the one case citation that blows the arguments of the opposing counsel completely out of the water.

The ability to win friends, influence people, and back everything up with great information.

Now that's power.