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Bell Curve


You're fired from the local television station for low popularity. You, not the station. Apparently, you can't even make a hurricane sound exciting.


You get a job at a weather service station in Hawaii and spend your time off surfing. You love your job, have a comfortable home, and only have to work two holidays a year. Your station is popular, and there is very little chance you will be lei'd off.


In addition to your job at a weather station, you start up your own consulting firm that doubles your average yearly income. Dollar bills keep fallin' on your head….


You invent a software program that cuts in half the time it takes to predict dangerous storms. It will mean big bucks for you and big safety for your fellow man.


After years of research, you have been able to detect a trend in global warming that helps scientists find new ways of fixing the ozone layer. Even more impressively, these advancements have persuaded several Republican senators to admit that we do, in fact, have an environment.