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This is the reason you got into fighting in the first place. It's all about vanquishing your opponent so that you can be (figuratively) hoisted onto the shoulders of the screaming thousands (or dozens, depending on the venue) and carried about town in celebration of your achievement. It may be a long time since ancient Rome fell, but thanks to you, we still have gladiators to cheer on and root for.

We hope it's all worth it to you, because you will have to pay for the occasional bout with glory with your blood, sweat, and tears. Good thing you have a nearly unlimited supply of each. And because you’re such a stud, you have your pick of hundreds of pretty girls, but just about every part of your body is bruised or broken, so how much can you even do once you’ve gotten them?

Also, it's rare, but maybe all your training will come in handy one day and you can prove yourself to be a hero. Check this out.