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Mob Boss

Physical Danger

You've been going to Fuzzy the Barber for the better part of thirty years. He knows what you like out of your shaves and you trust him to give it to you: a straight razor, sharpened by a strop, the smell of leather and soap, and the sensation of warm water lulling you to a blissful nap. Needless to say, Fuzzy has a steadier hand than Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel.

No pressure, Fuzzy. (Source)

If one day Fuzzy accidentally nicked you a teeny bit, the four beefy, heavily-armed tough guys you have following you around at all times would give him a few good ones to the jaw.

As the head of a powerful group of scary people, you'll be fairly well-protected. Your men are with you at all times, your vehicle has bulletproof glass, and your lieutenants always perform a sweep of any restaurant, café, bar, grocery store, gas station bathroom, or other public place that you frequent before you even think about getting out of the car.

And it's a good thing you've got all of this protection too, because when you've got this kind of power, glory, and fame—and that big, fat wad of cash you carry in your pocket—you can be sure there'll be people who'll want to take you out.

Every mob boss has a huge ego, and you can be sure that most of them want to be the only boss in town. Competition may be great for capitalism, but not so much for organized crime. Mafiosos will do whatever it takes—gang wars, secret hits, or even really angry letters to the editor—to be the only game in town.

Watch your back. And your front. And hire the biggest guys you can to help guard your sides.