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Mob Boss


This being an unusual occupation, the education and experience you need to be successful (or even get in) are also unusual. While you don't need any formal education (hey, you don’t even need to graduate high school), you do need smarts in the following areas (which can only be obtained through experience):

Leadership and organization skills.

Ability to glance at a pile of money and know if there's any missing.

Intimidation tactics.

Gambling knowledge.

A cultivated swagger.

Nice to have but not necessarily required:

Social media experience (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc.) used to increase fan page, improve reputation.

Knowledge about European governmental grants, ins and outs of the International Monetary Fund and personal relationships with leading politicians in Italy, France, Portugal, and the Basques in Spain. (And don't tell the Basques that we said they're from Spain; they're very sensitive about that and are likely to fly off the handle.)

Knowledge of the construction business.