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Bell Curve


You are modeling a sandwich sign. Your long legs are making footlongs fly off the shelves. Your commission is a meatball sub and an offer for a permanent gig.


You land a gig modeling at the mall. Your friends and family members are cheering you on as you strut down the runway. The crowd roars their approval and you get an offer from the Wedding Boutique to model their wedding gowns.


You are signed by an agency. They send you to different editorial gigs, photographers, and local runway shows. There’s even an offer in the works for a commercial, but you can't quit your day job just yet. For now, you're a waitress with a promising modeling career.


You're jet lagged. You've spent four weeks globetrotting from London, Paris, Milan, and Sidney. You've met a lot of famous people, wore beautiful designer clothes, and made enough money to take it easy in your penthouse in New York.


You told Ann Wintour to take a chill pill and she did. Everyone in the fashion world respects your business sense. If only you could get your rock star husband to take enough time off to see one of your fashion shows featuring your own line of women's wear.