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Physical Danger

The field can be deadly for those who succumb to the pressure of being thin. There are many studies that show that anorexia and bulimia are caused by both genetics and environmental factors. Those who have certain genetic core trains like obsessionality, anxiety, and concern over mistakes are more prone to an eating disorder, especially if they are in an environment that places emphasis on weight and looks.

The fashion industry is often criticized for turning a blind eye towards the eating disorder problems that plague many models. In 2006, Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston and Uruguay model Luisel Ramos died from complications caused by their eating disorders. As a result, Madrid banned severely underweight models from their fashion week. In addition, Giorgio Armani stopped using ultrathin models. Why do models need to be so thin anyway?

Modeling agencies send their models to "go-sees," which is a casting call for runway shows, photographers, and editorials. A fashion designer creates "sample clothes" to be used on the runway, at photo shoots, and for lending out to celebrities, and these clothes are generally a size 0 or 2. Models have to fit in the clothes to get the job. A smaller-than-life-sized Barbie doll could probably fit into them, too.

Some say the fashion industry caters to men. Actually, studies have found that men actually prefer women that have an hourglass figure. Why else would they buy Playboy? Regardless of why the modeling industry is the way that it is, models get caught up in self-destructive behaviors of partying, eating less than 1,200 calories a day, and chain smoking. The result is a lot of abuse to the body, which is a serious physical danger.

There's also the emotional danger. Models must have enough confidence in themselves to deal with rejection time and again so that when people don't hire them, they don’t break. They have to battle their self-consciousness day in and day out, which is already rough if they are going through their awkward teen stage. Good luck fighting thoughts of "Where do I put my arms when I walk?" or "She looks better than me." Include the dumb-model stereotype that models have to face from others and you have yourself a war.