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Average Salary: $18,750

Expected Lifetime Earnings: $783,000

The salary range is pretty wide. Like, Grand Canyon wide. Models employed by an agency can make on average, between $40k and $50k a year. Professional photographers pay models around $150 to $250 a day. Small time fashion models can make $30k to $60k a year. These models have to be steadily employed. Hard-working models can make around $200k a season—the really popular ones can hit the $500k mark. And of course supermodels can make millions of dollars a year.

With all that money, you'd think she could afford a sandwich.

Top supermodels may make millions, but they also work their (tiny) butts off. For instance, Gisele (when she's not watching Brady play football) promotes 20 campaigns like Victoria's Secret. Likewise, young runway models work crazy hours. For six weeks out of the year, runway models do 70 shows and earn about $250 an hour. Because models have a short shelf life, the amount they earn must be saved. If your career is about six years long, you’ve got to have some sort of a piggy bank to have money when you reach the elderly age of 20.