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Typical Day

Lexis Phashion wakes up at 8am. She runs her hand through her hair and feels the dried hair gel and hair spray.

"Gross," she thinks.

Her mom walks into the room to make sure that she's awake.

"Lexy, time to wake up sweetie muffin."

"Mom, why do you have to call me that all the time? You told the editor of Marie Claire that I was your little pumpkin pie and then you told Marc Jacobs that I was your honey munchkin," Lexy says while throwing on her bathrobe.

"It's because you are my favorite daughter," her mom says.

"I'm your only daughter."

Lexy enters the hotel's restaurant at 9:30am. with her mom and booker, Don Carlos. Don has been working with Lexy since the start of her career when she was discovered at 15. Now that Lexy has reached the ripe old age of 18, she's looking to expand her brand and start her own modeling agency. A reporter takes a couple of shots of her as she picks at a croissant.

"Is it true that you're dating the lead singer for the Lyons?" he asks.

Lexy ignores him, but her mom shoots him a dirty look.

"When will they leave you alone?" she complains.

"That's like ancient history and so last week. He smelled funny and has no sense of fashion," Lexy says. "Where am I going right now?"

Models have very busy schedules, especially during fashion week. Their bookers help them book gigs and keep them on schedule.

By 11am, Lexy is wearing a leather jumpsuit at a fitting. Fittings allow designers to tailor any clothes that they want their models to wear on the runway. Two of the fashion designer's assistants are running around pinning clothes to models. Lexy walks the room to give the designer an idea of how the clothes will look in motion. At the end of the day, it's all about the clothes for the designer.

This was actually cut from some drapes just before the show.

At 1:30pm, Lexy is backstage at a fashion show for Zac Posen. The fashion show's producer yells at her and three other models for showing up late. Lexy grabs a handful of peanuts and yogurt from the craft service table before getting into the makeup chair. Molly Sims sits down next to her to say hi. Lexy hears her mom tell Zac Posen that Lexy is her sweet corn muffin. Her friend Becky rushes over as the hairdresser puts the final touches on her hair extensions.

"I blew it out there. I was coming around the corner and totally stumbled," Becky says as she begins to cry.

"I'm sure it wasn't that bad. I bet no one saw it," Lexy says.

"Yeah right. I saw about a million flashes from cameras. I'm doomed. They'll never hire me for the Dior show," she says through tears.

Lexy gives her a hug and tells her to have a sandwich before considering another career. Long days and little to eat makes models (or anybody) overdramatic. Lexy walks out onto the runway. She pretends that she's back at home and pretending to be a model in front of the mirror. It helps with the stage fright. Today, she's trying to impress a room full of her stuffed animals, which seems easier to impress than the actual room full of people.

At 3:30, Lexy is in a car going to another fashion show. She was able to convince her mom that she'd be all right for a couple hours alone. Her mom likes to worry. Like déjà vu, Lexy gets her hair and makeup done again. This time the designer wants all of the models to sport Afro puffs for the show. Lexy loves the look. Sometimes, the life of a model is like Halloween. She spots a finger sandwich and scarfs it down. As the models get out at 5:00, Lexy shows off the coat that the designer let her keep from the show. Photographers are eating it up as she poses for them on the street.

Lexy munches on some carrot sticks as she gets ready for her third runway show of the day. Unlike the last show, she is sporting a conservative looking bun. She prefers the last look, but loves showing off Yves Saint Laurent clothes. Everyone backstage is complaining that there isn’t enough food. Lexy is too busy daydreaming of pizza to think about anything. After standing around for 3 hours and 40 minutes, the show starts. All the models line up for the runway.

By 10pm, Lexy, her mom, and Don are in the car going to her casting call. Don is negotiating three runway shows and four fittings for tomorrow. Her mom gives her a hug and talks Lexy’s ear off about how she loves the bathrobes at the hotel. Lexy wishes she were in a bathrobe. The casting call is packed, but they allow Lexy to skip ahead of some of the other models. The more popular you are in this industry the more benefits you get. After the casting call, Lexy heads to her last fitting of the day.

"How long do you think it will take?" Lexy asks Don.

He holds up three fingers.

"Oh boy. It's going to be a long night. Mom, I hope they have food there." Lexy says.

"I'll run out and get you anything you want, my little honeybun."

Lexy sighs. She feels busy and excited and needed and hopeful, but is also exhausted and ready for the day to end. Her mom is all up in her space, but without her life on the road would be lonely and ungrounded.