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We know you love attention, and adulation, and being in everyone's face. Therefore, chances are that you'll be famous. But maybe not in a way you planned.

Like, you were famous for consistently missing high notes—big-time—when you played Maria in West Side Story in Stroudsburg, PA. A year’s worth of voice lessons cured that issue. Or you accidentally gave a cast member a black eye during one of your character's transports of emotion in your cousin's low-budget production of Cats.

If you want to be really, truly famous in the big-deal, old-fashioned sense of the words, the odds aren't great. Packing them in night after night on the Great White Way is the fate of only the few. What's wrong with that small, enthusiastic group—five, actually—of your restaurant co-workers who came to see you sing and act and dance your heart out in a revival of a cabaret revue Das Lusitania Songspiel? They loved you. What could be better than that??

Real fame, that's what.

Take heart. Fame may come to you, but don't count on it.