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As a child of the stage, we know you love attention and adulation and having everyone look at you, so rest assured that there is a chance that you'll be famous—a teeny-tiny-itty-bitty-probably-not-in-your-dreams-but-hey-who-are-we-to-judge-chance.

Fame as a musical theater performer is the same as fame for a movie star, except that all of the people who know who you are live on the island of Manhattan and nobody can remember what your major award show is called (The Timmys? The Tommys? The Tobys?). 

When most people think Les Miserables, they think of Broadway-star-turned-Wolverine Hugh Jackman playing a soft Jean Valjean in the film version instead of Colm Wilkinson's bombastic stage original.

If you're chasing real fame, you'll probably want to use your theater experience as a leg up in the film/TV world.