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Average Salary: $68,300

Expected Lifetime Earnings: $2,577,000

Basketball players get a signing bonus; so do Navy SEALS. $15k just to lay your life on the line. (As opposed to $150k to guard LeBron James. Both are pretty dangerous.)

Basic pay ranges from E (Enlisted)—less than 2 years at $20k with benefits, or about $40k, to (Officer)—over 26 years at $175k plus benefits. Officers, command teams and enlisted men make up the teams. You can also pick up bonuses for special duty assignments, parachute jumps, dives, and other specialties.

Let's face it—being a Navy Seal is not about the money, but you will be taken care of.

The longer you stay (and stay alive), the more they will pay. And don't ever forget you will have a college degree 100% paid for, so when you choose to leave you can take all that you have learned and move into any area you want. Be careful when making that adjustment, however; your co-workers at the investment banking firm won't like it when you call a Code Red and ambush them in their cubicles.

We have a cubicle down! Repeat—a cubicle is down….