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Bell Curve


Instead of giving a patient 1 pill, you gave her 11—simple typo. Ah well, mistakes happen. Unfortunately for you, you are one. You’re fired.


You work in a nursing home caring for the elderly. You don’t get paid as much as some other nurses, but the fact that you often have to change your patients’ diapers makes up for it. Wait—what?


You work in a physician’s office rather than a hospital. You make a nice living and don’t have to deal with people spouting blood from their elbow stumps.


You are the senior nurse at the largest hospital in the country. You make almost as much as some of the doctors, and well you should. You know more than they do.


Aside from being a top-notch nurse, you have gained renown for your book, “How to Nurse a Patient and a Beer at the Same Time.” It isn’t actually all that informational, but it’s a great read.