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Glasses and contacts are a way of life for most people. You have the power to help people see clearly, but you can also put them in a great frame of mind. Not only can you help them see, you can enhance their looks. You've got a corneacopia of image boosting skills!

Now let's look on the dark side, shall we? Eyes are the windows to the soul, and windows are the best way for burglars to break into your house and steal your soul. So be very careful when you're poking around in peeps' eyeholes with that cool flashlight thingy. You don't want your patients losing sight of how great you are, your bills, or anything at all.

It's true, most people will look up to you (well, not opthalmologists, they use knives, so be nice to them). You are an early detector, which gives you the power to catch diseases that, if not treated, could lead to blindness. You'll want to keep an eye on things. Good thing you have those occluders.